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Update Log

And that`s new on my homepage besides the regular updates

April 11, 2008
New Mariah Carey are always a special event for me. But I can`t remember that I was this excited about a new album. After the Mimi album and the absolutely stunning Touch My Body my expectations got up through the roof! So I locked in to iTunes.de at 07:30 in the morning and bought the album. Listened and enjoyd it after breakfast, listened to it on my way to town to buy the CD album. Had a long day at work and when I came home the limited deluxe edition with the sexy iPod was in my mailbox. And I LOVE E=MC˛! Mariah Carey lamb 4 Ever.

More info about the album versions and the Touch My Body singles See My Mariah Carey Collection.

March 24, 2006
During last few months I bought a lot of CDs into My Mariah Carey Collection. Some singles Get Your Number / Shake It Off, The Emancipation Of Mimi (Ultra Platinum Collection), Don`t Forget About Us and there are also some legal internet downloads.

July 12, 2005
Yesterday We Belong Together finally came out in Germany. I already have four different versions of the single in My Mariah Carey Collection.

June 09, 2005
Finally I found the time to put The Emancipation Of Mimi items on My Mariah Collection. So far I have five versions of the album:
on April 04 I got the regular version, on April 05 the Deluxe Edition, on April 16 the Canadian version, on April 21 the UK version and on the Japanese version.
and I also have five different versions of It`s Like That:
On March 21 I got the regular Euro 5 Track and the German Pock It! CD, on April ?? I got UK edition with white background and on June 06 I got the Euro 5 Track with poster and Euro 2 Track card sleeve.

February 26, 2004
See the new screen capture gallery of Mariah Carey in Beirut.
Check out my new site Links To Chart Data Of Other Artists featured on Mariah-Charts.

February 14, 2004
On January 25th, 2004 I got the album Charmbracelet as two disc vinyl.

December 08, 2003
200 - Two Hundred ? Yeah, today I got my 200th official Mariah Carey audio CD. For a special number, a special CD. It`s the Promo single for Bringin` On The Heartbreak featuring 10 new Remixes.

December 02, 2003
On November 26th, 2003 I finally got the German Wise Girls DVD.

November 19, 2003
Check out my new extra site for Bringin` On The Heartbreak.
In My Mariah Carey Collection arrived the Ultra Limited Edition from Korea including a new song There Goes My Heart.

November 09, 2003
Four new CDs. Bringin` On The Heartbreak as 4 track and 2 track from Switzerland. France Rainbow album with Do You Know Where You`re Going To and the Edition Exceptionelle of Charmbracelet including I Know What You Want.

October 18, 2003
My reports about attending the Charmbracelet concerts in Germany.

September 27, 2003
I added an extra page for the forthcoming album The Remixes.
And I found in a German store a DVD Saturday Night Live: 25 Years Of Music Vol. 5 featuring Mariah Carey performing live Butterfly in 1997.
On my trip to New York:
#1's (Super Audio CD), Boy (I Need You)-Australia, Emotions (CD single, re-release vom 2002), Charmbracet Tourbook, Charmbracelet Tour T-Shirt (black), Calendar 2004 and I got a CD by the Tom Tom Club with Genius Of Love.

July 16, 2003
Limelite, Luv & Niteclubz by Da Brat with the track Gotta A Thing For You featuring Mariah Carey arrived in my collection. I also got the DVD Wise Girls.

May 24, 2003
On May 17 I got the single I Know What You Want by Busta Rhymes &Mariah Carey feat. The Flipmode Squad.

May 23, 2003
On May 17 CompuServe deleted my account. So I had to move over 300 screen captures to another server. Now everything works like before the deleting.
Important: The eMail adress StephanKrebs24@CompuServe.de doesn`t work anymore. Please use Stephan@Mariah-Charts.com.

May 04, 2003
On April 30th I finally got the album Philadelphia Freeway by rapper Freeway featuring the bonus track You Got Me by Mariah Carey feat. Freeway & Jay-Z. BTW the version is different from the original version on Charmbracelet.

April 26, 2003
Check out the new screen capture gallery with Mariah and Busta in the video I Know What You Want.

April 12, 2003
Check out the new screen capture gallery with Mariah introducing Boy (I Need You) in Top Of The Pops.

April 10, 2003
Oh yeah! Yesterday I got the ticket for the concert on November 04, 2003 in Paris. This time seated places.
On April 08, 2003 I got the UK 12 Inch Single of Boy (I Need You).

April 05, 2003
On April 03 I got two more CDs from Mariah Carey. The USA Promos for the remix of Boy (I Need You) and for I Know What You Want by Busta Ryhmes & Mariah Carey feat. The Flipmode Squad.

March 29, 2003
Today I wanted to get out of the house for shopping when the postman brought me two parcels from England (www.eil.com)!
One parcel included the Special UK Edition of Charmbracelet,
the other one included the two UK editions of the Boy (I Need You) single.
While shopping I found the two German editions of the Boy (I Need You) single.
That makes 5 (FIVE!) new Mariah CDs in my collection on just one day! Oh Boy!

March 28, 2003
While in Zurich, Switzerland I got the Euro 2-Track of Boy (I Need You).

March 15, 2003
Another precious item in my Mariah Carey Collection:
The promo CD for Boy (I Need You) from Mexico

March 02, 2003
See my new site for Boy (I Need You) with lyrics and screen captures from the video.

February 12, 2003
Another precious Charm in my collection: Boy (I Need You) (USA Promo CD)

February 11, 2003
Finally I had the great pleasure to see Mariah singing LIVE on TV! Check out the new screen capture gallery of Mariah performing at the NBA All Star Game.

January 29, 2003
Yeah Baby! I finally have the Japanese Charmbracelet with bonus track Miss You (feat. Jadakiss).
And a big thanks to Mario for delivering me the Double 12 Inch Vinyl of Through The Rain.

January 14, 2003
After struggling for two years with declining voters I published the last Mariah Fan Chart.

December 09, 2002
Now is also the Japanese version Through The Rain is in My Mariah Carey Collection. And I found that Amazon.de fooled me with the second UK single. The lost cover should be a poster. I found that out when I got the two UK singles from www.eil.com.

December 05, 2002
A new Screen Capture gallery of Mariah in Japan and Brasil is added.

December 03, 2002
The site about me is updated.

December 02, 2002
wooohoooh. I got the album Charmbracelet.

November 30, 2002
Finally I found the time to update My Favourite Links site.

November 30, 2002
Three new CDs in My Mariah Carey Collection. The two UK singles and the album It Ain`t Save No More by Busta Rhymes with the awesome collabo I Know What You Want feat. Mariah Carey & The Flipmode Squad.

November 23, 2002
Oh yeah! Through The Rain. Finally I got the US promo (well, not exactly the one I wanted) and I got the second maxi edition of the German.

November 18, 2002
Today I drove to town to get the second edition of the German Through The Rain. It ended like most of the times when I try to get the single on the release day. None of the four stores had the single.
But! I found the 2-track card edition in a Swiss import store.

November 13, 2002
My info and lyric site to Through The Rain.

November 09, 2002
FINALLY!!! Through The Rain in My Mariah Carey Collection. Though I haven`t find a way to get the promo, I had to wait for the German single. Oh man! I never longed so much to have ONE song on CD!

November 08, 2002
Screen Captures of Mariah Carey in Germany are added.

November 05, 2002
Photos and Screen Captures of Mariah in Munich are added.

October 17, 2002
After a break for almost three months I started the Mariah Fan Hits again.

October 10, 2002
Check out my lyrics page for Through The Rain.

September 28, 2002
Screen Captures of Mariah in Hamburg are added.

May 22, 2002
Ooohhhwee! Today I got the German DVD and VHS tape of the movie Glitter.

May 02, 2002
The triple CD pak including the albums Mariah Carey, Emotions and Music Box is in My Mariah Carey Collection.

April 22, 2002
Three new entries in My Mariah Carey Collection:
- Thank God I Found You (Japan SRCS 2170)
- When You Believe (Japan SRCS 8821)
- Mariah Carey (Japan Video CD MVCD 49179)
Big thanks to my new friend from Hong Kong!

March 14, 2002
Two new entries in My Mariah Carey Collection:
- Glitter (Music Cassette)
- America: A Tribute To Heroes (DVD)

March 11, 2002
The sites My Favourite Links and Credits / About Me are updated.

February 18, 2002
See Mariah in her second big movie at my Wise Girls gallery.
And there are some backstage captures from the Superbowl XXXVI show.

February 04, 2002
See Mariah at the Superbowl XXXVI performing The Star-Spangled Banner.

January 19, 2002
Hey today I bought four different CDs and all of them features Mariah Carey as a guest artist:
- Tarantula by Mystikal (feat. the hit Don`t Stop (Funkin` 4 Jamaica)
- God Bess America by various artists (feat. Hero)
- America: A Tribute To Heroes (feat. the sensational comeback performance of Hero)
- Legacy by Boyz II Men (feat. One Sweet Day)

January 17, 2002
5 more screen captures of Mariah at Sundance in the January 2002 Screen Capture Gallery.

January 16, 2002
New screen capture gallery featuring caps of Mariah at the Birthday Party for Muhammad Ali and Mariah at the Sundance Film Festival.

January 10, 2002
Unbelievable! On January 08th, 2002 I got the movie GLITTER on DVD (US Version)!
Also new in my collection:
UK 12 Inch of Never Too Far / Don`t Stop (Funkin` 4 Jamaica) and
the Japan Edition of Greatest Hits.

January 03, 2002
Yippie! The new single Never Too Far / Hero (Medley) is in my collection!

December 08, 2001
Screen captures of Mariah at The Dome 20 added.
Screen captures of Mariah at the Top Of The Pops Awards added.

December 05, 2001
Screen captures of Mariah visiting the troops in Kosovo added.

December 03, 2001
Screen captures of Mariah arriving at the Top Of The Pops Awards and in Berlin added.

December 02, 2001
Screen captures of Mariah at Sat1 Stars 2001: AIDS Gala added.

December 01, 2001
New in My Mariah Carey Collection:
- Never Too Far / Don`t Stop (Funkin` 4 Jamaica) Australian CD Single
- Don`t Stop (Funkin` 4 Jamaica) US 4 Track Promo Single

November 25, 2001
20 new Screen Captures of Mariah in VIVA Interaktiv in the USA (November 22, 2001) added.

November 17, 2001
On my trip to see the movie Glitter I found the Japanese CD Album of Glitter.

November 11, 2001
10 new Screen Captures from the movie Glitter added.

Oktober 29, 2001
10 new Screen Captures from Mariah at the VH-1 Fashion Awards added.

October 27, 2001
Three new exclusive rare items in My Mariah Carey Collection:
- Glitter (Funkmaster Flex music mix promo, enhanced CD with postcard)
- Don`t Stop (Funkin` 4 Jamaica) (UK 1-track promo CD)
- Reflections (Care Enough) (Japanese Single)

October 10, 2001
Three new items in My Mariah Carey Collection
- Glitter AC Sampler
- Never Too Far / Don`t Stop (Funkin` 4 Jamaica) (Euro 2-Track Card CD Single)
- Never Too Far / Don`t Stop (Funkin` 4 Jamaica) (UK Promo Card CD Single)

September 25, 2001
Oh yeah, now there is a new UK double vinyl LP of Glitter.

September 24, 2001
Never Too Far / Don`t Stop (Funkin` 4 Jamaica) is released! In one store I found a single.
Yesterday a friend delivered me my 15th Loverboy single! All of them are different.

September 22, 2001
What a day! At 04:15 h in the morning Mariah sang Hero live on TV! The first screen captures I added at about 05:10 h in the morning. Later in the day I updated a lot more.

September 21, 2001
Screen Captures of Mariah arriving at the preview screening of Glitter.

September 17, 2001
Last tuesday I received a promo album CD of Glitter (same tracklist the regular album in card sleeve).

September 15, 2001
Here are the lyrics and infos to Never Too Far.

September 11, 2001
Check out my new information site about Glitter.

September 10, 2001
Oh Happy Day! At 10:21 h I get the album Glitter in my local store! From 11:11 h I had the time of my life listening the first time ever to the album! One of the happiest hour of my life! Can`t wait to hear it again...
OK. I also got two parcels from England. The one by Esprit delivered a European 12 Inch Loverboy single. The other one by Dotmusic included a European cassette single of Loverboy and an unoffical Mariah Carey Calender 2002.

September 07, 2001
Hey - my 12th Loverboy item in My Mariah Carey Collection is a double 12 Inch Vinyl UK DJ Promo.
The 13th one is a Mexican PVC poster. Stress the word PVC. This thing smells like hell. Now I don`t know if ever can hang out the most expensive poster I ever bought!
Both articles are from the England's Mail order house Esprit - eil.com.

August 29, 2001
My first Never Too Far item arrived on August 27, 2001 in My Mariah Carey Collection. It's the US promo CD single.

August 20, 2001
New screen captures of Mariah in the movie GLITTER.

August 17, 2001
Loverboy made in Australia is now sparkling on My Mariah Carey Collection.

August 07, 2001
Loverboy - Loverboy - Loverboy - Loverboy - Loverboy - Loverboy - Loverboy - Loverboy!
YES! I have now 8 different Loverboy singles.

August 05, 2001
Check out my brand new site dedicated to LOVERBOY.

August 03, 2001
Oh what a joy! My friend Will send me the US singles.
Now I have 7 different Loverboy singles in My Collection.

July 28, 2001
Oh happy day! My Loverboy delivery from Esprit arrived. Including:
- the US Promo with the red cover!
- the Japanese Single (made by Mariah's old company)
- the UK 2 track promo single
- the UK 12 Inch single with Cover!
- the regular UK Single
Now I have a total of 150 different CDs of Mariah (all official items!)

July 22, 2001
See 10 new screen captures of Mariah in BRAVO TV in my Mariah in Koeln - 05. July 2001 gallery.

July 21, 2001
Another screen capture gallery added: Mariah on promotion tour - July 2001.

July 15, 2001
Another 10 screen captures are aded to my Mariah in Koeln - July 05, 2001 gallery.

July 14, 2001
HOLLER! Today I bought the European LOVERBOY single! It's the 146th CD in My Mariah Carey Collection.

July 11, 2001
See even more screen captures from Mariah in Koeln - July 05, 2001.

July 09, 2001
See screen captures from Mariah in Berlin - July 06, 2001.

July 07, 2001
See more screen captures from Mariah in Koeln - July 05, 2001.
Plus screen captures from the Harald Schmidt Show.

July 06, 2001
See Mariah arriving in Cologne (Koeln) on July 4th, 2001 in my new Screen Capture Gallery.

June 22, 2001
Holler! I got the LOVERBOY promo single from ESPRIT www.eil.com. The first item from VIRGIN RECORDS in my huge Mariah Carey Collection.

June 19, 2001
See 25 sexy screen captures from the Loverboy remix video.

May / June 2001
My chart area was getting a lot updates:
- now there are crosslinks from Latest Chart Positions to the chart data sites
- the song and artists site are also crosslinked with the chart data sites
- my Sources is now the updatelog of the chart area

May 01, 2001
3 new 7 inch singles in My Collection:
- Sweetheart (Euro, picture sleeve)
- Heartbreaker (USA, no picture sleeve
- Thank God I Found You (USA, no picture sleeve)
Other items:
- Someday (USA, 12 Inch)
- Mariah Carey (debut album, Euro 10-track vinyl LP)
- I`ll Be There (Japanese 3 inch)

April 28, 2001
My Favourite Links are updated.

April 18, 2001
Finally I can update my homepage at AOL again. Now you can vote Mariah Fan Chart like before the break in September last year. At the of August 2000 I received about 30 to 40 votes per week, ten times more than in the last few months. I hope the votes will increase again.

March 25, 2001
New Stuff in My Mariah Carey Collection:
- My All / Stay Awhile (Canadian 12" white label promo feat. A Cappella version!)
- Fantasy (UK promo only 9-remix DJ 12" double pack)
- The Roof (Spanish 2-trk promo CD)
Big thanks to the BEST seller of Mariah stuff on earth Esprit.

March 13, 2001
Update of About page featuring infos about me and my homepage.

March 04, 2001
4 new screen captures in my Top Of The Pops gallery are added (Open Arms).
I also added screencaptures from the German Top Of The Pops performances of Heartbreaker and Thank God I Found You.

February 25 - March 03, 2001
More chart data of Mariah's friends and collaborators are added. See special sites for Da Brat, 98 Degrees... More links on my page Mariah's Friends And Collaborators - Latest Chart Positions and Anniversary Dates.

February 07, 2001
New look on The Guide To My Site, inclusive a powerful search tool.
Also My Favourte Links are updated.

January 28, 2001
On January 25 I finally received the Japanese All I Want For Christmas Is You 2000 CD single featuring the remix with Lil' Bow Wow and the live version of O Holy Night.

January 21, 2001
To make it easier to read my Latest Chart Positions And Anniversaries site I put the chart data of all other stars to Latest Chart Positions And Anniversaries of Mariah's Friends And Collaborators.

January 13, 2001
Check out my new Wetten Dass...? screen capture gallery.

January 07, 2001
Check out my updated VH1 Divas Live 2000: A Tribute To Diana Ross screen capture gallery.
My Chart Sources page is updated.

January 01, 2001
Read My All Time Chart.

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