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Mariah in Koeln - July 05, 2001

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arriving July 04 at 23:00 h at the Hyatt Hotel signing autograhs for the fans
Mariah arriving on July 04, 2001 at 23:00 h at the Hotel Hyatt Regency in Koeln, Germany. Taken from Leute Heute, ZDF, 05.07.2001, 17:40 h
after the Harald Schmidt Show this where Mariah signed my Loverboy promo
Mariah signing autographs after the "Die Harald Schmidt Show" (first 2 photos) on July 05, 2001. This is where Mariah signed my Loverboy promo single. The other scenes are in front of the Hotel. Too bad I missed that. Taken from Exclusiv, RTL, 06.07.2001, 18:30 h
after the Harald Schmidt Show
The writing on Mariah's T-Shirt was so right. Mariah looked stunning, way better than on TV. Mariah has the most beautiful smile in the world. And when Mariah's says She wants to focus on every single fan it's not a fake. Mariah smiled at everyone and everytime someone said I Love You or Thank You Mariah answered with a short sentence like You`re Welcome. Taken from RTLII News, 06.07.2001, 20:12 h
Mariah talking about her movie Glitter.
Taken from VIVA News, 11.07.2001, 21:00 h
As you can see the interview was very funny. And you can see the interview was also very informative, because Mariah used her hands alot while talking.
Taken from VIVA Mariah Carey Special, 14.07.2001, 20:00 h
Mariah said making videos is a lot fun for her. That's why the Loverboy video maybe looks like outtakes.
Taken from BRAVO TV, RTL2, 22.07.2001, 16:20 h

Click here to see Mariah in the Harald Schmidt Show.

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Updated on July 22, 2001