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Updatelog for 1999

December 29th, 1998
The links to the chart sources are updated.
I also put my year end chart of 1998 online and updated my all time chart.
There are updates of the chart data by the Internet Charts.

December 23rd, 1998
I thought it's a great idea to spent my Christmas money to buy some Mariah items.
Love Takes Time - 3 track CD Single
Hero - 2 track CD single
Honey - 2 track single VHS video from Australia
Live! One Night Only (Double Album CD) by Patti LaBelle feat. the Duet Got To Be Real with Mariah Carey
Sweetheart - Double 12 inch UK DJ Promo
All items are from Esprit International Limited, Meopham, United Kingdom - Esprit Website.

December 16th, 1998
In my collection are now the German 12" of Sweetheart and the VHS Video Divas Live.

December 15th, 1998
There are two new links on my picture gallery site (Mariah in Russia + Wildcat).

December 9th, 1998
I added a friend's homepage to My Favourite Links:

December 8th, 1998
When you check out Chart Data Of Mariah's Current Hits you can see if the songs is still charting. This little + behind the column Last Week On Chart took me over 3 hours working on my database.
To celebrate Christmas I made a special Christmas site.

December 6th, 1998
In My Collection arrived some diamonds. Two My All singles from Mexico. Now I got 9 different My All singles.

December 4th, 1998
Fans aus Deutschland finden vielleicht meine zweite #1's Seite mit Bilder und Kommentaren interessant.

December 1st, 1998
Each end of the month I update My All Time Chart and My Favourite Songs Of The Last 52 Weeks.
Check out my Christmas Special Offer on my News site.
BTW I hope you like my new style on my chart data sites.

November 26th, 1998
On the 24th I bought the When You Believe single. It's now featured on My CD Collection site.

November 21st, 1998
On the 18th I bought some more CDs that are now on My CD Collection site. Like the Maxi CD No Question by Allure and the new album by Whitney Houston My Love is Your Love.

November 18th, 1998
Today I got the US Version of #1's. Here you can check it out on My CD Collection - #1's.

November 17th, 1998
Today I got the new CD #1's. Here you can check it out on My CD Collection - #1's.

November 10th, 1998
Yesterday worked 5 hours on the update of my Info Section.

November 7th, 1998
This morning I finally found the Sweetheart single (click to see tracklist).
I LOVE the version called The Dance and of course it's got very beautiful cover with a happy Mariah and a cool JD.

November 6th, 1998
The Info Section is completely moved to my 3rd AOL Name MariahC24 (Don't send eMails to that one).
German: Ich habe eine Info Seite zum neuen Album ONES gebastelt.

November 3rd, 1998
The Chart Data of the Butterfly album is now on an extra site.

October 28th, 1998
Now you can find extra site for the Australian Charts and the Swedish Charts.

October 27th, 1998
Check out my new site with Mariah's chart data in the American Top 40 (Casey`s) with Year End charts.
On Billboard (US Charts) site are the RIAA certifikations (Albums).

October 17th, 1998
Today I was very happy when I got the VH1 Divas Live in a local record store.
A few days ago I received the Mexican version of Music Box album. The spanish version of Hero (Heroe) is just incredible.
Here you can check out My CD Collection.

October 16th, 1998
This homepage is now the two years on the net. Therefore I updated my Credits with some information about me and this page.

October 13th, 1998
The German chart data gets updated.

October 6th, 1998
In the US Charts section I added the chart data of My All
My All is Mariah's 7th biggest hit in the US Hot 100 (calculated with the inverse point system for 30 positions)
With one week My All is Mariah's shortest No. 1 hit.
In Collection is now the album by Jermaine Dupri.

October 3rd, 1998
In my Collection are some new CD's:
Sweetheart Promo Single
Never Forget You Maxi CD feat. a Remix by Jermaine Dupri and
Always Be My Baby UK Maxi CD with David Morales Mixes

September 29th, 1998
Check out my page about Jermaine Dupri.

September 25th, 1998
There are some new Links on My Favourite Links.

September 4th, 1998
Over the last months my homepage became really confusing.
I hope the my new navigator on the data sites helps you to get info you're searching for faster.
The other thing I changed is: the news now on a different site and gets more space.

September 1st, 1998
On Saturday I received 6 single CD's I ordered at Esprit.
With the US Promo Single now I got 6 (!) different CD Singles of My All.
I also got the the US singles of Anytime You Need A Friend and Dreamlover.
There also two very rare collectors items: All I Want For Christmas Is You as Limited Edition Picture CD and the 1996 promo single for O Holy Night.
And I finally got the US Promo single of Honey with the smooth versions.
Click here to see My Mariah Carey Collection. The articles are ordered by release dates.

August 31st, 1998
I completely rearranged my Honey B. Fly Picture Gallery.
Now without frames.

August 18th, 1998
There's are a few new items on My CD Collection
Four more My All singles (UK #1 and #2 Maxi-CD, German 12", German Promo Single-CD)
plus The Funkmaster Flex album.

August 4th, 1998
This site is now part of the FantasyLand Ring and Mariah Banner Exchange.
For over one year I didn't advertise for my homepage because of frustrating chart positions. Now when I look back it wasn't that worse I thought in comparison to other acts (janet, Boyz II Men, Madonna...).
And at the moment I'm really happy with the success in Europe and Germany.
And I think I got other reasons to visit my homepage beside charts:
- Mariah and Me in Cologne with self made pics
- Honey B. Fly - Mariah Carey Picture Gallery
- My CD Collection got a lot new things over the last months.
- Butterfly - A section with Lyrics, Credits, Screencaptures...
- Other Mariah Infos also in German - auch in Deutsch
Another update on My Favourite Links.

July 21st, 1998
I updated My Favourite Links

July 14th, 1998
In the Butterfly section is a new page with the lyrics, credits and screenshots of My All / Stay Awhile (So So Def Mix).

June 30th, 1998
Through some mysterious ways (big thanx to Mario P) the new US Single My All / Stay Awhile found the way into my home. I think this is gonna be my favourite and most listened-to single of the year.

Hier ist das Interview mit Mariah aus der Juli Ausgabe von Amica.

June 26th, 1998
The index got a new look.
I added pictures out the magazines Trace, Arena and InStyle to my Honey B. Fly - Mariah Carey Picture Gallery.

June 18th, 1998
I joined the Mariah Carey Banner exchange.

June 16th, 1998
I updated My Favourite Links and moved the chart links to The Sources for my Latest Chart Positions And Anniversaries site.

May 25th, 1998
Check out my new picture gallery - Honey B. Fly - Mariah Carey Picture Gallery.

May 18th, 1998
In my CD collection are now The Roof (12" Vinyl) and My All (German CD Single).
On the past weekend Mariah performed for the sixth time on German television, check out my all new German TV Appearances site.

May 15th, 1998
Mariah scores her 13th No. 1 in the USA. Check out my updated The Number One Hits Of The 90`s site.

May 3rd, 1998
There are some new pictures from Cologne on my new Picture Gallery.

April 21st, 1998
Please sign my new Guestbook.
There are some new entries in My Mariah Collection (Breakdown (Australian) , 4 Cassette singles, 7 Mile and Butterfly album (US Version).

April 14th, 1998
I added some amazing pictures to my report of Mariah's autograph hour in Cologne, Germany.
The photos were taken by my friend and big, big Mariah fan Mario Perinetti.

April 11th, 1998
Check out the full list of charts that are regularly listed on My Latest Chart Postions site.

April 7th, 1998
On my Butterfly section you can now find a site for My All with lyrics, credits and some captures of the video.

April 5th, 1998
Here you can read report of Mariah`s autograph hour in Cologne, Germany.

March 3rd, 1998
I finally got the The First Vision. Beside the new homevideo I also added the catalogue numbers to My CD Collection.
The site The Number One Hits Of The 90`s got an update.

February 24th, 1998
Check out my brand new Honey site.
There`s a new link (100% Mariah) on My Favourite Links.

February 11th, 1998
My Favourite Links are updated.
A friend gave me a copy of Out In Japan. You can see the track list at My Mariah Carey Collection.

February 3rd, 1998
Honey left the Billboard charts and I updated the US Charts section.

January 27th, 1998
The Other Charts section is updated. The pages contains chart data from the USA, UK, Canada, Germany and Europe.

December 28th, 1997
On my Butterfly section is a new site - The Roof with lyrics and pictures.

December 30th, 1997
I put my Favourite Songs Of 1997 on my homepage.
In my My Mariah Carey Collection are few new entries:
Diana, Princess Of Wales - Tribute album and the double a-side maxi CD
Every Time I Close My Eyes / Talk To Me by Babyface.

December 28th, 1997
On my Butterfly section is a new site - Breakdown with lyrics and pictures.

December 13th, 1997
The Butterfly page shows now all the album credits.
Auf der Butterfly habe ich die Album credits und eine kurze Vorstellung der Produzenten und Gastmusiker des Albums hinzugefuegt.

November 17th, 1997
Today I'm the proud owner of the new single Butterfly. Check out My CD Collection for details.
I added the MTV European Top 20 to my new chart data section.

November 11th, 1997
In the last few days I was very busy working on my new chart data section. In this section you can get chart data from Canada, Germany, the UK and the US. It`s still working on it and you can expect updates in the next few days.
I also updated my page Mariah Carey in German Television because Mariah did a great performance on Germany`s most popular game-show.

October 29th, 1997
Falls jemand die BRAVO 43/97 nicht gekauft hat habe ich das Mariah Carey Interview abgetippt.

October 18th, 1997
Since Honey is already going down on most charts I thought it`s time to add a new site called Highest Positions 1997 where you can find all the peaks on the charts listed on my Latest Chart Positions site.
Today it`s a really lucky day for me: I got the vinyl version of the Honey maxi-single with three new versions, I got the second Allure single All Cried Out, the 1998 Mariah Carey calendar and tonight German television will broadcast a one hour Mariah Carey special (ZDF, 01:00 h, Power Vision - Pop Gallery: Mariah Carey).
The new CD`s you can find on my Collection-site together with the album by Allure (I still don`t know if it`s been released in Germany - I bought it in Switzerland a few weeks ago).

September 23rd, 1997
Honey finally reaches the top 10 in some European countries while the album Butterfly is already top 10 in the UK, France and Switzerland. More info on the page Latest Chart Positions And This Weeks Chart Anniversaries.
On AOL I found good review of the Butterfly album (with comments by Mariah Carey). You can read it on my Butterfly page.
Then I checked out the German Sony website and discovered they added a Mariah Carey section! They even made a TV commercial for Butterfly. By looking at the frustrating chart entry of Honey they really need to make more advertising in Germany. On Saturday I bought Honey for the 3rd time, just to say (mostly to myself) that this chart positions are not my fault. I also got Butterfly with the second cover. The cassette version I got too.
After hearing Butterfly every day my personal chart looks a little bit messed up! But it`s hard to make a fair chart with eleven number one hits on one CD.

September 12th, 1997
I got Butterfly!
Yesterday at 16:51 I heard Butterfly for the first time! On the headphones from my own CD-Player! In the only two articles from German magazines the release was announced for September 15th. Then yesterday I was a little bit down. The day before I get the e-mail from Sony I thought why can`t they write she comes to Germany in a TV, concert, release date of Butterfly or something like that not just a autograph hour in a city worlds away. So I remembered in 1995 the album Daydream was released on thursday September 28th and I decided to drive to my CD retailer. And I couldn`t believe it when I saw Butterfly in the middle of the desk with the new CD`s! It was like a surprise Christmas! Unfortunatly they didn`t know anything about two different covers - but there are two bonus tracks. You can check out the Tracklist at my Butterfly site or My CD-Collection.
I couldn`t understand why Sony didn`t advertise in Germany for Butterfly.

Once again Mariah Carey proves that you can have the highest expectations on a forthcoming album and the result is even better than you ever dreamed of! It`s not just another CD - it`s the CD I`ve been waiting for. Sorry but you have to hear Butterfly to believe me when I say It`s just the best CD I ever heard! The only person who can describe Butterfly is the genie herself - Mariah Carey. I just wanna say I`ve translated every word on the CD, created a new Butterfly on my homepage and this afternoon is over like in a minute - It`s just like Honey and nothing is like Butterfly. Before I get to silly or enthusiastic I`d rather hear Butterfly again...

September 10th, 1997
Check out my new Picture Gallery!
The chart news from the German chart are very disappointing. After very less airplay on radio Honey entered only at number 38 (thirty eight).
Today I heard an interview on the radio where a few short previews of some Butterfly tracks were played! Since the enormous success in other countries Honey finally gets regular radio airplay.

September 6th, 1997
What an impact: Honey enters Billboard Hot 100 at Number One!
At the fantastic interview at the VMA`s. MTV played short pieces of the Butterfly songs! In nine days I have to get that CD (or two) or I go crazy! In the German magazine BRAVO is also a short interview.
On my personal charts Mariah Carey spends her 100th week at number one.

September 3rd, 1997
Number 3! Honey makes a very good debut in the UK Top 40! Check out the details at Latest Chart Position. I also added a overview of her debuts at the UK Top 40.
In Australia Honey debuts straight at number 8.

August 30th, 1997
Es gibt jetzt auch eine deutsche Seite auf meine Homepage: Honey und Butterfly

August 26th, 1997
HONEY is here! Yesterday at 16:45 I heard my 19th Mariah Carey Maxi-CD for the first time! Check out the details at My CD Collection. And I changed the look and concept of my homepage.

August 12th, 1997
Mariah Carey scores her 23rd Number One on my personal chart.
On This Weeks Chart Anniveraries are also the chart entries in Germany. In the furture you can see the latest chart positions on that page.

August 05th, 1997
I dedicated a extra page to Honey. Honey debuted at No. 18 on my personal charts Solid Gold. Actually it debuted at No. 1 on my daily chart but to debut at No.1 on the weekly chart the song needs 7 days at No.1 and the debut was on Friday. I decided to rename my homepage from Mariah Carey - Chart history to Mariah Carey Makes Chart History.

July 26th, 1997
The page This Weeks Chart Anniversaries was added.
I discovered Mariah Careys name on Men In Black - The Album more infos on My CD Collection.

July 19th, 1997
I added All Top 30 Positions and changed the index.
I joined the Mariah Ring.

June 21st, 1997
I added Tribue To Mariah to My Favorite Links. After searching for 2 months I finally found the Maxi-CD by Allure - more details on My Mariah Carey CD Collection.

Mar 31st, 1997
I added a few more links on My Favourite Links. I changed my title-logo.

February 21st, 1997
The Mariah Carey is the stars of the 90`s needed a update because of Toni Braxton`s 11 weeks No. 1 hit.

January 11th, 1997
I updated my personal charts. She gets the bronze BRAVO Otto.

December 31st, 1996
I added The latest issue of my personal charts (from now updated weekly), My year end chart of 1996 and My favourite songs from 1990 to 1996. In my collection is a new Maxi single with a new a capella version of Always Be My Baby. And finally get a counter!

December 27th, 1996
I added the Billboard Year End Charts. I updated My Personal charts. In the Billboard Hot 200 Album charts Daydream jumps from 72 to 68 (Dec. 28st, 1996) in its 63nd week on the charts.

December 16th, 1996
I added the results of the Billboard Music Awards 1996. I updated My Personal charts. In the Billboard Hot 200 Album charts Daydream jumps from 85 to 72 (Dec. 21st, 1996) in its 62nd week on the charts.

December 06th, 1996
I updated My Personal charts.

November 30th, 1996
You may noticed it, I changed the look of my index. In my cd collection are two new maxi-CD`s "Forever" and "One Sweet Day" (with a special remix of Fantasy). The BRAVO OTTO votes page. And I updated My Personal charts. In the other charts she has no entry. The album Daydream is at No. 83 on the Billboard Hot 200 (Nov.30th).

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