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Mariah in Top Of The PopsTop Of The Pops

Taping on November 12, 1999

The Message

As a regular viewer of "Top Of The Pops" I was totally excited when they anounced on Nov 6, 1999 that Mariah will be hosting the show of Nov. 13, 1999. I immediately informed my friend and big Mariah Fan Mario. He phoned the television station RTL to get more infomation. They said that the Ticket-Hotline is on from Monday morning. Due this is no live show we thought it will be taped on Wednesday or Thursday and asked our bosses for holiday one of these days. On Monday afternoon Mario called me in my office and said that we have tickets and if he has friends that would like to come too. The show is made in a small studio and I never thought we could get tickets! And the taping of the show is on Friday 12. At home Uwe (a fan from Stuttgart) called me and said he will come too. In the evening Magda (president of the German inofficial Fanclub "Madame Butterfly") called me. RTL asked her to invite all Mariah fans She knows. You can`t imagine how excited we all were that day.

On the way to the studio

Mario and Timo (a friend from Mario, no Mariah fan) get me on Friday morning at 06:20 h. He wanted to drive this early because the traffic in the morning is not that big as in the afternoon. At 11:00 h we were in front of the studio in Cologne Hürth-Kalscheuren. They said tickets are available from 17:00 h on. We took the train to the center of Cologne. In the city we were in some record stores and found the remix single of Heartbreaker. For 15:00 h it was said to meet the members of the "Madame Butterfly" fanclub in front of the railway station in Cologne. We took the 15:47 h train to the studios while the other fans were waiting for the president of the fanclub. Our friend Uwe directly drove to the studio because he had to work until 13:00 h. He was already there when we came from the railway station. Then Magda phoned she is late because she stuck in a traffic jam and had a small car crash. On 17:20 h all fans including Madga arrived at the studio.

Finally in the studio

At 18:00 h they finally handed out the tickets and let us in. We had to take off our jackets and let them on the wardrobe. They searched for cameras and dangerous things. While Mario had no problems to come in, Timo had let his CDs (for signings) at the wardrobe. I put my Rainbow album under my shirt and they didn't noticed it. In the hallway before the studio we had to wait another half a hour or so. The taping should start at 18:00 h but it was like 19:00 h when we finally got in the studio. Like expected the studio is small with two small stages and a bigger stage with no barriers. There were like 150 to 250 people in the audience.

The Show

A warm up entertainer taught for almost 45 minutes how and when we have to clap and cheer. The first performer was Puff Daddy. He sang his current No 2 hit "Satisfy You" with some sexy dancers and the next single "Best Friend" with a big gospel choir. Puffy was great. Once he looked me straight in the eyes. If I knew how exhausting the next hours would get I would have saved some of my power. We had to cheer and clap for alot of announcements of acts that weren`t in the studio. A lot of times we were too quiet or the anouncers (Heike Makatsch and Spice Girl Emma Bunton) forgot their text and we had to it all over again. The second act to perform was German group "die Allianz". During the taping of the show I lost my good place in front of the main stage. So I had to decide to stand behind the other Mariah fans or on the side of the stage. Because I`m only 1,62 m tall I decided to stand beside the stage. It was the right decision.


Mariah singing HeartbreakerWhile show host Heike Makatsch was rehearsing her anouncement I turned around MARIAH was standing only a few meters behind me surrounded by make up artists and bodyguards. Beside me there were only a few other viewers who discovered Mariah that early. Most of the audience were surprised when Mariah suddenly entered the stage. Mariah got a very euphoric welcome and She was delighted that many fans had T-Shirts with a photo of Mariah on it. First of all Mariah told us how sorry She is that it got that late. From now on I don`t know the exact order of what happened, I was too excited. Mariah was supposed to make the anouncement of Savage Garden (not present). So Mariah left the stage to shoot Her entrance again. This time the video screen didn`t work and Mariah went back to Her dressing room. So Mariah came back when the thing was working again and walked the third time right next to me to the stage. And again the announcement wasn`t OK. Maybe the audience was too loud. So Heike Makatsch did the speech alone. Uwe stood right the other side Mariah entered the stage. He had a selfmade T-Shirt with the Rainbow cover on it. Mariah said "Nice Shirt" and shook his hand. Then Mariah turned around and waved to all of us. I waved back and I look in her eyes for the first time. Heike asked Mariah what She enjoys most on her success and Mariah said "The fans - they are the ones who make it happen". Now it got really loud. Everybody screamed and cappled and someone reached Mariah a pen and a CD booklet. I also made my own CD booklet ready and lots of fans suddenly got booklets and other stuff to sign in their hands. And Mariah took a pen and started signing. She started on left and slowly moved forward to the right where I was standing. I made my arm as long as I could and finally Mariah took the booklet and wrote "Mariah Carey" over the whole cover. I said "Thank You" and looked Mariah straight in the eyes. Hard to describe that moment, but believe I was overwhelmed of Mariah's beauty (way better than every photo I've seen). Mariah smiled the whole time and looked very happy. She surely enjoyed our jubilation.

Mariah singing HeartbreakerHEARTBREAKER

After it got a little bit quiter Mariah sang Her German top 10 hit HEARTBREAKER. Mariah sang LIVE and only a few meters beside me! Mariah was at the best shape of Her life. She looked gorgeous, danced and sounded fantastic. I sang and danced along and was looking forward to rap along with Jay-Z's rap. Sadly it was cut out again (I wonder why they do that). So I thought the performance was a bit short. At the end the audience went crazy and reached our hands to Her. Mariah touched some hands and gave a few autographs. Now it was like 23:00 h and Mariah promised to come back to sing "Thank God I Found You". In this break we got a chance to relax while there was a small podium (2x2 m) put in front of the stage where Mariah should perform the second song.


Mariah came back in a army coloured top and long skirt (like at the signing in LA). Joe Thomas was with Her. I have to said it again - Mariah looked breathtaking. It was like a dream to see Mariah and Joe perform that beautiful song live on stage. Mariah was very relaxed and sounded as good as from CD. We screamed for encore and Mariah said She will do the song a second time. Many of the non-Mariah fans were exhausted because we stood for like 6 to 7 hours and had no time to sit down and it was very hot in the studio. That was my luck. This time I got a place directly in front of the stage and was like two meters away when Mariah and Joe performed "Thank God I Found You" the second time. I never dreamed of being this close to Mariah while She was singing. No word can describe how happy I was.


Mariah happy in Top Of The PopsAfter the performance Mariah stayed on the stage and we had to chance to get more autographs, shout to Her or simply to be near Her. We even got the chance to ask Mariah some questions. Mario reached Her the membership card of the "Madame Butterfly Fanclub". I thought "Great idea!". And again my arm was too short, but Mario helped me and gave my card to Mariah. She took it and asked "Oh what's this?". Mario explained it and Mariah gave my card to Her bodyguard. That guy gave it to Mariah's German spokes person (not sure about this, but the woman talked German and was always beside Mariah). Luckily my card found the way back to Mariah were it got signed right across my name (I wonder if She read my name). Somebdoy asked Mariah about the album of Trey Lorenz. Mariah said something like he is standing right behind me and asked him. Trey said it's ready for release. Mariah said She sings on the album. Mario asked Her about touring and Mariah answered "Next Year". I never believed all this "divaish-rumours", but I was surprised how friendly and nice Mariah really is. Mariah is "only" a person like you and me - treat Her nice and you get a nice return. A few minutes later Mariah said it was time to go. She would like to dining in a restaurant before it got closed. Mariah said goodbye and waved to us while disappearing behind the stage. Overwhelmed and speechless of the previous moments we left very happy the studio.Behind the studio we saw some big limousines. Mariah on the way to dinner. To my impression Mariah had a very good time this evening. For myself I can say I can't imagine how I get happier this evening. Words can't express how thankful I am for Mariah for this fantastic evening. THANK YOU MARIAH! YOU ARE THE BEST!

The Way home

Now the clock said 23:30 h much later than we thought it would take. And we were 500 kilometers away from home. We said goodby to the other fans and since we were very thirsty (7 hours standing in a hot studio with no drinks) we said Uwe and us (Mario, Timo and me) will meet each other on the first station on the Autobahn to drink something. I think if we wouldn`t had the non-fans Timo and Uwe's sister with us someone would expected we were high on drugs. Although it was cold outside Uwe ran around with his Rainbow T-Shirt showing off the big autograph of Mariah on his shoulder. Mario drove the first part because he had to work in the morning. Timo drove the second part. The time between 01:30 and 3:00 h was very long and I was happy that Timo was driving that time. Just before 04:00 h it was my time to drive the last part of the way. Bale 233 kilometers said the street sign, still a long way to go. There was only a few trucks on the streets and the only because I was tired it was difficult. At 05:36 h I was at home. The counter of said 1.000,2 kilometers was driven the last 24 hours. Now Mario had to drive the last 30 kilometers by himself. At 17:45 h I sat with my parents and sister in front of the tv to watch the show. The others were dispointed because I wasn`t seen on the screen, but I was like "I can't believe it - I was there". I will never ever forget this evening in Cologne.

Stephan Krebs

November 15, 1999

Here I added some tidbits/stories
added on 20.11.1999

Director of Mariah's Performance was Bill Boatsman. He was seen on the Sat1 Blitz report about the video shooting in the Bar Rossi in Hamburg. I heard his name while a girl from the audience has walk on the stage to see where to spot the lights and cameras during Mariah's performance.

The stage where Mariah performed "Thank God I Found You" could only be reached by making a big step (ca. 1 m). Although Mariah was wearing high heels and a long skirt She seemed to have seemed to have no problems to do the jump.

Between the songs Mariah said "I'm Sweating Like A Pig". Now that sounds not like a diva or lady. A sign how relaxed Mariah is now in the public. I stood a few times in the spot light and it's unbelievable how hot this spots are.

When Mariah asked about the "Madame Butterfly" membership card. Said Mario that this inofficial fanclub is much better than the original. I can totally agree with him (at least when it comes to German fans), but I wouldn`t have said it right in Mariah's face.

Puff Daddy was supposed to perform "Satisfy You" twice. But he said that he liked the way the first take turn out and he don`t want that we have to wait much longer for Mariah. That was very kind from him, but he disappeared very fast from the stage (no signings) and I was afraid Mariah would do a it the same.

Before the tickets were given out we found out that most of the others already paid the tickets. To us was said "The tickets are reserved", nothing about payment. You can imagine that we got very nervous when we heard this. We were very relieved when was anounced that the visitors who did not have paid yet could come in first.

As I smuggled in the Rainbow CD I thought "What a stupid idea". I had no pocket to put the CD. If I knew that Mariah would give that much autographs I would have smuggled in some more Mariah CDs. Like the just bought "Heartbreaker" remix single. Now the signed Rainbow CD is my most valuable CD of my almost 100 Mariah CDs.

The signed "Madame Butterfly" membership is always with me. It's my new talisman. Every now and then I look at it to remind of this special night on November 12th, 1999.

In the last few months I began to hate the German TV channel RTL. They made a few nasty and rude reports of Mariah. With the inviting of the fanclub members they made a lot plus points.

After the last of Mariah's visits in Germany I had my doubts if Mariah not like the other stars who just say they love their fans to make more money. On this evening Mariah made the difference. When Mariah says she loves her fans than it's true. Mariah is so nice, friendly and natural.

But there is one thing that bugs. I always wanted to thank you Mariah. Now have the feeling Mariah has done more for me than I did for Mariah. But before the show I had no idea how to thank Mariah so I think I did my best and maybe Mariah had noticed how much I enjoyed that evening.
And I didn`t manage to make my own Rainbow T-shirt. The design was finished but I didn`t had the time to print it on the T-Shirt.

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