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The following sites are very often updated:
Latest Chart Positions And Anniversaries (over 130 updates in 1998, 261 updates in 1999, 239 updates in 2000 and almost 50 updates in 2001)
Chart Data Of Mariah's Current Hits (feat. Peak, Peak Dates, Entry and weeks on chart).
MARIAH FAN CHART, My Charts (Solid Gold) and Picture Of The Week are updated tuesdays.
News (in English and German) are also updated very often.

Update Log

See Updatelog for the latest updates.

These updates I made in 1999 and 2000.

December 31, 2000
Check out my screen captures from the Homecoming Special.

December 27, 2000
Read My Year End Chart Of 2000.

December 18, 2000
Two new entries in My Mariah Carey Collection:
- One Sweet Day (Japanese 3 Inch CD Single)
- #1's (The Ones) (Japanese 19 Track album CD)

December 17, 2000
New link on My Favourite Links (www.MariahWeb.de)

December 08, 2000
Screen captures from The Roof are added.

December 07, 2000
18 screen captures of the RAINBOW Promotion Tour are added to the Screen Capture Gallery.

December 05, 2000
Finally I received the Japanese CD single for Can`t Take That Away (Mariah`s Theme). The other new item in My Mariah Carey Collection is Dr. Seuss How The Grinch Stole Christmas Soundtrack featuring the hit Where Are You Christmas co-written by Mariah Carey.
In my Screen Capture gallery are now some captures from the 1999 MTV European Music Awards.

December 02, 2000
I added screen captures from All I Want For Christmas Is You and Miss You Most (At Christmas Time) to my Screen Capture Gallery.

November 26, 2000
New Screen Capture Gallery taken from the Crybaby is added.

November 18, 2000
Yesterday I got mail from ESPRIT. In it two copies of the European 2-track Against All Odds. My 185th official item in My Mariah Carey Collection.

November 12, 2000
In my Screen Capture gallery you can catch captures from Entertainment Tonight about All That Glitters.

November 07, 2000
Check out 15 screen captures from the Can`t Take That Away (Mariah`s Theme) video.

October 28, 2000
New screen capture gallery featuring Mariah performing Fantasy in Top Of The Pops.

October 25, 2000
Three new entries in My Mariah Carey Collection:
- Can`t Take That Away (Mariah`s Theme) (12 Inch UK Promo Single)
- Rainbow (CD album, Singapore limited edtion 2-CD set)
- Against All Odds (Japanese CD Single)

October 19, 2000
Screen captures of the music video Breakdown are added to my Screen Capture gallery.

October 18, 2000
I re-opened my screen capture gallery. With captures from Mariah on Capri, Mariah in Germany (May 2000), VH1 Divas Live 2000 and World Music Awards 2000.

October 11, 2000
I moved my Info section to my new metropolis server.
The Butterfly info site is now working again!

October 07, 2000
Two new items in My Mariah Carey Collection:
- Can`t Take That Away (Mariah`s Theme) (European 2-Track card single)
- Against All Odds feat. Westlife (German 3 Track)

September 28, 2000
I moved my homepage to http://buerger.metropolis.de/skrebs/.

September 05, 2000
I can`t connect to AOL anymore.

September 04, 2000
Check out my updated Mariah On German Television site.

August 17, 2000
New items in My Mariah Carey Collection:
3 Japanese 3 Inch Singles:
- Make It Happen
- All I Want For Christmas Is You (1996)
- Honey
And the Japanese Heartbreaker 5 Inch CD Single
All items I got from Esprit.

August 03, 2000
I dedicated a new site to Can`t Take That Away (Mariah`s Theme).
Hier seht Ihr die Deutsche Übersetzung von Can`t Take That Away (Mariah`s Theme).

July 23, 2000
My recent autographs by Mariah you can now see on my About Me homepage.

July 22, 2000
You may have seen it. This site is now a proud member of Rainbow7.

June 21, 2000
A new entry in My Mariah Carey Collecton:
Can`t Take That Away (Mariah`s Theme) / Crybaby (US 5 Track CD Single)
Maybe the best thing on this different singles in the USA and Germany. You can trade with your friends on the other side to the Atlantic. BIG THANK YOU TO WILL! Thank You so much.

June 17, 2000
Today I was looking for new CDs. When I got struck by surprisingly finding a copy of the US Single Can`t Take That Away (Mariah`s Theme) / Crybaby in my local record store which normally not seels import singles.

June 14, 2000
Check out my new Screen Capture Gallery feat. Mariah in Top Of The Pops and The Dome 14.

June 03, 2000
Today I searched the second time for the new single in Germany. One of the 4 four shops in town had 4 copies. See the tracklist of Against All Odds in My Mariah Carey Collection.
On my trip in Cologne on May 25 I bought the VHS PAL version of Around The World.

June 01, 2000
Today the World Music Awards 2000 were shown on Swiss Television. Check out exclusive screencaptures of the show.

May 28, 2000
On May 25 I was in Cologne and found the US 12 Inch Vinyl of Can`t Take That Away (Mariah`s Theme) / Crybaby in the Saturn record store.

May 20, 2000
Two new entries in My Mariah Collection:
Can`t Take That Away (Mariah`s Theme) - US Promo Single
Crybaby - US Promo Single

May 15, 2000
Check out my updated Mariah Carey`s Appearances On German TV

April 21, 2000
The About page where you can find some facts about me and my homepage got an update.

April 20, 2000
Lots of new Mariah stuff in My Mariah Carey Collection. Bought in New York City:
- Thank God I Found You (UK CD single + UK CD single limited edition)
- Always Be My Baby (USA 5-track CD Single)
- My All / Breakdown (USA 5-track CD Single)
- Fantasy (USA 5-track CD Single)
- Mariah's #1's (USA DVD + NTSC VHS Homevideo)
- Around The World (USA NTSC VHS Homevideo)
- Rainbow (USA album CD + USA album cassette)
- Emotions (USA album CD + USA album cassette)
Before my trip to New York I bought the new album Back At One by Brian McKnight feat. the duet Whenever You Call feat. Mariah Carey. This track is not on the US version of the album.

April 19, 2000
Check out the concert report of my visit at the Madison Square Garden in New York.
Lest meinen Konzertbericht meines Besuchs im Madison Square Garden in New York.

March 20, 2000
In My Mariah Carey Collection is now the Australian Thank God I Found You maxi CD single.

March 12, 2000
Check out My Favourite Links for the best Mariah links on the net.
If you think there's one missing - Please let me know! Write to SKrebs@Aol.com

March 2, 2000
New screen capture gallery. Mariah in German Top Of The Pops

February 26, 2000
Read about my visits to the concerts in Koln (Cologne) and Paris.

February 25, 2000
Lest alles über meinen Besuch am Konzert in Köln und Paris in meiner Info Sektion.

February 13, 2000
Another two entries in My Mariah Carey Collection:
- Thank God I Found You (US 4 Track single) - Thank you very much Will
- Thank God I Found You (US 12" Single) - Thank You very much Mario

February 12, 2000
Two new entries in My Mariah Carey Collection:
- Thank God I Found You (German R&B Remixes Single)
- Heartbreaker (Asian CD Single)

February 09, 2000
Hier findet Ihr das komplette Interview aus der Zeitschrift Top Of The Pops.

February 07, 2000
My Mariah Carey Collection got two new entries:
- Thank God I Found You (US 2 Track CD Single)
- Valentines (An Exclusive 5-Song Limited Edtion CD)

February 03, 2000
The new Swiss Thank God I Found You single arrived in My Mariah Carey Collection.

February 01, 2000
New entries in My Mariah Carey Collection:
- Heartbreaker (US 5 Track Single)
- Honey (US 5 Track Single)
- Dreamlover (US 7" Single)
- Make It Happen (US 7" Single)

January 30, 2000
Screen captures from Wetten Dass...? (German TV Show, 29.01.2000).
New links on My Favourite Links.

January 22, 2000
More screen captures at from Rainbow Press Conference, Tapis Rouge, Hitmachine, VIVA Specials.

January 15, 2000
Here you can find 20 screen captures of the Thank God I Found You (Remix Video).

January 06, 2000
Here is my Thank God I Found You page with lyrics and infos.
Hier ist meine Thank God I Found You Seite mit Lyrics und Infos.

December 29, 1999
Hier könnt Ihr das Interview mit Mariah aus der InStyle Januar 2000 nachlesen

December 26, 1999
Two new entries in My Mariah Carey Collection:
US Double 12" Vinyl of Honey and
US Promo CD Single of Fantasy.

December 18, 1999
Today I bought the new album by Jay-Z (Vol. 3... Life And Times Of S. Carter) with the song Things That U Do featuring MARIAH CAREY.

December 11, 1999
A few days ago I received the Australian Heartbreaker CD single. Check it out in My Mariah Carey Collection.
Now I got 9 different Heartbreaker items and the bestselling (US 5 Track) is still missing. Knows somebody how I can get it?

December 06, 1999
My Rainbow site got a big "remix" with extended facts to the songs and collaborators.
Meine Rainbow Seite wurde "ge-remixed" mit mehr Fakten zu den Songs und Mitwirkenden.

December 05, 1999
I added some more important dates on my Credits / About page.
I updated my link site to the charts (Sources).

December 04, 1999
Do you like my new banner?

December 01, 1999
Yesterday I made a trip to Bale and found the Euro 2 Track single of Heartbreaker.
Since last week I am enhancing the design of my page with some 'style' tags. Sadly this can only be seen if you're using MS Internet Explorer 3+.

November 27, 1999
In My Mariah Carey Collection is a new single:
Someday - 3 Inch CD single feat. the great Pianopercaloopapella mix.

November 25, 1999
In der BRAVO Nr. 48/99 ist ein Interview mit Mariah. Hier könnt Ihr es lesen.

November 15, 1999
Last Friday I was at the recording of the German Top Of The Pops with MARIAH!!!
Click here to read about that very exciting happening.
In my Mariah Carey Collection are two new entries:
the US 12" Vinyl version of RAINBOW and
the European Remix CD single of HEARTBREAKER.

November 14, 1999
Ich war bei der Aufzeichnung von Top Of The Pops in Köln mit MARIAH!!!
Klickt hier um mehr über das aufregende Ereignis zu erfahren.

November 08, 1999
A friend got me the two UK singles of Heartbreaker. These are true collector's items. CD1 features the video as CD extra multimedia part and CD2 comes along with a double sided poster.

October 30, 1999
RAINBOW is in my collection. At 11:06 h Mariah's new masterpiece warmed my heart and soul for the first time. Hard to say how happy I'm now... Thank You MARIAH!

October 17, 1999
20 screen captures from the Heartbreaker Remix video are on my Screen Captures site.

October 16, 1999
Check out new screen captures from Mariah's performance in Top Of The Pops on my Screen Captures site.

October 14, 1999
More screen catures on my Mariah in Germany site.

October 13, 1999
For more screen captures I made an extra site called Mariah in Germany - 11.10.1999.

October 11, 1999
Mariah in Germany! The first screen captures are on my news site.

October 10, 1999
Check out my new Rainbow site.
In My Mariah Carey Collection arrived the Pavarotti & Friends VHS Video.

October 9, 1999
For my German readers I made an introduction of the German fanclub I'm a member of. A club by fans for fans. Way more info than the official one has to offer.
Madame Butterfly - Der i.o. Mariah Carey Fanclub - was bietet der Deutsche Fanclub? Mehr als der Offizielle!.

October 5, 1999
On Saturday (2nd) I bought the German CD single. On the release date on Monday I wanted to buy 2 or 3 more singles but in the store I searched in didn`t had it!

October 3, 1999
I added to German articles to my Info Section.
In meiner Info Section findet Ihr jetzt den Artikel aus der BRAVO 40/99 und das Interview in der MAX 10/99.

September 30th, 1999
A good friend from USA send me the US 2-Track CD Single of Heartbreaker.
And I got some CDs from Esprit:
- Dreamlover (3" Japanese CD Single)
- One Sweet Day (Euro 2 Track CD Single)
- Always Be My Baby (Euro 2 Track CD Single)
- Forever (Euro 2 Track CD Single)
- Honey (Euro 2 Track)
- Honey (US 5 Track CD Single)
- Butterfly (3" Japanese CD Single)
- Butterfly (US Promo CD Single)
- Endless Love / Luther Vandross & Mariah Carey (3" Japanese CD Single) with Mariah Only version!

September 25th, 1999
I made better screencaptures on my Heartbreaker - Lyrics + Infos site.
There is also a new screen capture from The Dome on my Mariah Carey On German Television site.

September 23rd, 1999 - 2nd update
My friend Mario (the greatest Mariah Carey) get me the brand new
HEARTBREAKER (12" Vinyl US Version)

September 23rd, 1999
4 new 12" Vinyl singles in my collection:
- Dreamlover (Germany)
- Anytime You Need A Friend (Exclusive UK DJ Double Pack)
- Sweetheart / Money Ain`t A Thang (Promo) - I Still Believe (Germany)

September 20th, 1999
Two new entries in My Mariah Carey Collection:
- The Roof (12 Inch Vinyl Promo Single)
- Pavarotti & Friends (Album CD)

September 15th, 1999
Today I got the HEARTBREAKER (US Promo Single) I won on an auction on the net. Mariah promised not to much when She said it's on her favourite things She ever made. This remix is Da Bomb! I LOVE IT!!! And the CD cover is very, very nice too. Check out the tracklist and cover here.

September 13th, 1999
On Saturday I long search had an end. I found the self titled debut album by Blaque Ivory featuring the track Don`t Go Looking For Love co-written by Mariah Carey.

September 3rd, 1999
Today the video finally came on MTV Germany. Check out my exclusive Heartbreaker screen captures.

August 24th, 1999
See my new Heartbreaker site with lyrics and some screen captures.

August 6th, 1999
There has been a lot changes on the web lately that made an update of My Favourite Links necessary.

August 1st, 1999
Two Years HONEY - Check out my Honey special

July 22nd, 1999
Meanwhile I got 3 of Mariah's performances at Top Of The Pops on tape. Here you can you can some screen captures of them.

July 18th, 1999
chartdata from Switzerland is added.

July 15th, 1999
The chartdata from European Singles Chart now goes back to January 20th, 1996.

July 13rd, 1999
Now you can check out chartdata from France.

June 28th, 1999
Check out screen captures from Mariah Carey at Michael Jackson & Friends Concert in Seoul.

June 14th, 1999
From an California friend I received five new collectors items.
- MTV Unplugged (Mexican Version)
- Dreamlover (US CD Single + US MC Single)
- Without You / Never Forget You (US CD Single)
- Anytime You Need A Friend (US CD Single No. 2)

June 13th, 1999
My InfosInfo Section got a new look. I removed the frames and made a similar navigation bar to the chart area.

June 07th, 1999
In my collection arrived the 7th Maxi CD single of I Still Believe - the Australian one.

June 02nd, 1999
On my screencaptures site are 35 captures from the Pavarotti & Friends Concert.

May 29th, 1999
In my collection are now the album Thug Mentality 1999 by Krayzie Bone and
DVD Around The World. Sadly I don`t have a DVD player and the VHS version isn`t released here so far.
I bought the DVD on a shopping trip to Bale (Switzerland) and thought they would accept 'Deutsche Mark' in the shop. Since I got no credit card and all the banks were closed the sales man advised me to go and eat a hamburger at McDonalds. It worked! I bought a hamburger with DM and got the return money in Swiss Franks to buy the DVD.

May 24th, 1999
Check out my new screen captures site.
With screen captures (400x300 pixel) from the Tonight Show, I Still Believe/Pure Imagination Video and the San Remo Festival 1999.

May 13th, 1999
My friend from the UK sends me the two UK editions of the I Still Believe single.

April 05th, 1999
Another When You Believe promo arrived in My Collection.

March 26th, 1999
I was so stupid to buy the DVD of VH1 Divas Live without having a DVD Drive. Someday I can watch Mariah's introduction of Save The Music speach which was never broadcasted on Germany's VH1 and is not on the VHS Homevideo.

March 23rd, 1999
Yep, another I Still Believe is in Collection - it's the German remix single.

March 16th, 1999
I was shopping and found a few new CDs for my collection. There's now the Euro 2 Tracks of I Still Believe* and When You Believe. The US version of Merry Christmas and the album The Profesional by DJ Clue?.
* now I got 5 different CD singles of I Still Believe, together with the US 12" Vinyl and the 4 German CD singles for trading I have now bought 10 I Still Believe singles.

March 13th, 1999
The Star Of The 1990's is updated. Get all the info why Mariah is the most successful star of 1990's in the USA.

March 11th, 1999
I moved my Butterfly section to a different place and added the lyrics, credits and picuters of Close My Eyes.

March 10th, 1999
Another I Still Believe arrived in my collection. It's the US 2 Track also known as I Still Believe/Pure Imagination. Thanks again to my californian friend Joseph!
BTW today I counted my official Mariah Carey articles and this is single is my 101th item in my collection!

March 9th, 1999
Today I finally got the brand new German CD single I Still Believe. See in My Mariah Carey Collection / I Still Believe for more info.

March 8th, 1999
Check out my reports about The Dome and waiting for Mariah in Bottrop.
Ich habe die Berichte auch in deutsch verfasst: The Dome und warten auf Mariah in Bottrop.

March 2nd, 1999
I got my 50th MARIAH CAREY CD Single. It's the original US-Single of Hero featuring that fantastic Live Version from the NBC Special.
Big thanks to Joe from California.

February 22nd, 1999
Three new CD singles in my Mariah Carey Collection.
I Still Believe (USA Single), When You Believe (USA Single), Sweetheart (USA Single)
Big thanks to my friend Joseph in California.

February 17th, 1999
Check out my I Still Believe site featuring Lyrics, Credits and Screencaptures.

February 15th, 1999
There is a new fantastic item in my collection.
The brand new double 12" of I Still Believe. 11 (eleven!) remixes of ISB in a superb gatefold cover with lots of pictures from the video.

February 11th, 1999
Please VOTE for the brand new MARIAH FAN CHART!
If there are enough votes there will be a weekly chart with YOUR favourite Mariah songs.
There are also some new facts and stats on my About Me page.

February 5th, 1999
Currently I'm working on a Feedback from. Please try it out!
Some new CDs in my collection:
I Still Believe USA Promo - I LOVE THE REMIXES!!!
Vision Of Love (CD single, card), I`ll Be There (Picture CD), Butterfly (2track CD), The Roof (2track CD), Breakdown (USA Promo), Sweetheart (2-track CD promo).

February 4th, 1999
In my collection are now the My All singles no. 10 (US Card Single) and 11 (Japanese 3" Single). I also got the A Natural Woman CD Promo Single, the German 12" of When You Believe and the 12" Version of the US #1's Album.

February 3rd, 1999
I transferred my Picture Of The Week section to another place. Now you can also get the bigger version of the previous pictures.

January 31st, 1999
I exchange the Honey-Sun to a I Still Believe-Sun on my index.

January 26th, 1999
The additional pictures from Cologne moved now on my report on the Record Signing in Cologne March 31st 1998 site.
In My Mariah Carey collection is now the music cassette #1's.

January 17th, 1999
I hesitated a bit to buy The Collection: Volume One by Bone Thugs-n-harmony, but since I like their style I finally bought it. The album features Breakdown and you can find it in My Mariah Carey Collection in the section Mariah On CDs Of Other Artists.

January 11th, 1999
The two UK singles When You Believe arrived in My Mariah Carey Collection.

January 5th, 1999
Check out my new Guide To My Site.
A new feauture on my news section is the Picture Of The Week.
In the last few days I also made some updates in my chart section. First of all you can now find the entries on the EuroCharts for the last 2,5 years. I also put more infos about the album charts on the site for Sweden and Internet. I researched some data from the German charts that is now on my site.

Updatelog from 1996 to 1998.

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