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Thank God I Found You

Thank God I Found You
MARIAH CAREY feat. Joe & 98 Degrees

Thank God I Found You (Remix Single)

written by Mariah Carey, James Harris III, Terry Lewis
produced by Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis and Mariah Carey

I would give up everything
Before I`d speparate
Myself from you
After so much suffering
I finally found unvarnished truth
I was all by myself
For the longest time
So cold inside
And the hurt from the heartache
Would not subside
I felt like dying
Until you saved my life

Thank God I Found You
I was lost without you
My every wish and every dream
Somehow became reality
When you brought the sunlight
Completed my whole life
I`m overwhelmed with gratitude
My baby I`m so thankful
I found you

I will give you everything
There`s nothing in this world
I wouldn`t do
To insure your happiness
I cherish every part of you
`Cause without you beside me
I can`t survive
Don`t want to try
If you`re keeping me warm
Each and every night
I`ll be alright
Because I need you in my life


See I was so desolate
Before you came to me
Looking back I guess
It shows that we were
Destined to shine
After the rain, to appreciate
The gift of what we have
And I`d go through it all over again
To be able to feel this way


Lead Vocals: MARIAH CAREY & Joe
Background Vocals: Mariah Carey, Joe, 98 Degrees, Trey Lorenz, Nikki Richards, Melonie Daniels

Video Shoot In Hamburg - 11.10.1999

Working on the remix in a studio in Hamburg

Click here to see alot exclusive screen captures of Mariah in Hamburg on October 11, 1999.

in German / in deutschHier gibt es mehr Screen Captures vom Video Shoot in Hamburg.

Thank God I Found You

is the second single from the hit album RAINBOW
featuring Joe & 98 Degrees
PLUS: Remix feat. Nas
Thank God I Found You Flag Country Release Date Thank God I Found You
Netherlands January 10, 2000
Germany February 07, 2000
USA January 25, 2000
UK February 07, 2000


On the remix you rapper NAS can be heard. NAS had his big with his second album It Was Written (No 1 for 4 weeks in the USA) in the Summer of 1996 featuring the hit If I Ruled The World (Imagine That) (feat. Lauryn Hill). In 1999 he released his 3rd (I Am..) and his 4th album (Nastradamus). The first time he worked together with Mariah was in 1997 when he rapped on Allure's Head Over Heals. It was the first single from Mariah's label CRAVE. Mariah + Nas (1997)
Auf dem Remix hört Ihr den Rapper NAS. Er hatte seinen großen Durchbruch mit dem zweiten Album It Was Written (4 Wochen die Nr. 1 in den USA) im Sommer 1996 der den Hit If I Ruled The World (Imagine That) (feat. Lauryn Hill) beinhaltete. 1999 veröffentlichte NAS sein drittes (I Am..) und viertes Album (Nastradamus). Zum ersten mal arbeitete NAS mit Mariah 1997 an dem Allure Song Head Over Heels. Es war die erste Single von Mariah's Label CRAVE. Mariah + Nas (1997)

More infos about Joe and 98 Degrees you will find on my Rainbow site.

in German / in deutschMehr Infos über Joe und 98 Degrees findet Ihr auf meiner Rainbow Seite.

Updated February 09, 2000