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MARIAH at "The Dome" in Stuttgart on 05. March 1999

Red Flag (Lower left) = My Home - Blue Flag = Bottrop Just to see Mariah live on stage was for a long time my biggest dream. In November 1997 I learned to know a fan that lives just 30 km away from me. Together we decided to visit Mariah when She comes to Germany. The unbelievable News that Mariah will be performing at "The Dome" in Stuttgart was now the chance we had to take. With the second request at the German radio station I got lucky and got the tickets. Before we knew about the Stuttgart we decided to go to Bottrop. Therefore we booked a room in a hotel in Stuttgart because it's nearer to drive from Stuttgart to Bottrop.

On March 5th 1999 my friend Mario came to me at 7:30 h in the morning. With my car we drove to Freiburg where we picked up another Fan. Three hours and 250 km later we were in Stuttgart seeing the first "Welcome Mariah" posters. When we checked in at the hotel there was very bad weather and we had to stay in the hotel for a few minutes. After the shower was over we went to the railway station because the fan from Freiburg don`t want to go with us to Bottrop and need a ticket to drive home. We rushed through three CD stores and ate at McDonalds. Back at the railway station we found out that the subway drives only from 16:00 h on to the hall. We drove to the nearest station to the hall and walked the last 2,5 km. At 13:30 h we were there and a few hundred fans were already waiting. Until 17:00 h when the entrance supposed to be opened was a lot pushing and shoving and the security guards had a lot do.
On 17:00 h the doors got finally opened. We got a very good place before the center of the stage. Unfortunately a 10 meter zone before the stage was for kids only so our place in the third row standing was 10 or 12 meters from the stage away. While the pre-show we were asked to sit down but every time something special happened on stage everyone stood up and this made it really hard to sit down again in the front rows.
Just after 19:00 h the German Techno band Scooter opened the show. Before we stood a women with very long hair and every time I tried to clap along with a song her hair got stuck in my hands and the women looked really mad at me. During the show I discovered that despicte my large CD collection (500 plus) Mariah and Des'ree were the only stars from which I had a CD. After the break at 20:30 h I got really nervous. Just behind the high point of the show suddenly a single mikrophone stands in the middle of stage and is was clear now the wait is over.
MARIAH was announced and we gave her the loudest cheer we ever made. The background singers, musicians and dancers came on stage and finally Mariah takes position behind the mikro. Mariah wears a black, leather capri-pants and a black, armless T-Shirt. The first notes of I Still Believe (Morales Club Mix) came and I was very, very happy and sang along the whole song as loud as I could. I didn`t cared that the women in front of me was covering hear ears. She was jumping up and down while Modern Talking was on stage and now it was my time to go crazy. Mariah was surely please by all the cheer in the hall and was feeling. Mariah talked about she wants to say "What's Up?" in German but forgot it and thanked all the German fans for their support. I hope they didn`t cut that speach out when the concert airs on March 21st because I can hardly remember what Mariah exactly said. Then Mariah sang her big hit from last year "My All". During the song there was firework on the left and right of Mariah and in the background there was a beautiful fire rain - it was soooo great. The only pity about the performance was the sound of Mariah's voice came really bad across the speakers and Mariah did only lip-sync (most other did that too). The sound system seemed to be optimized for big bass and drum sound not for big voices.
After Mariah the German boygroup Touce made the final with "This Goodbye Is Not Forever". Then all acts came again on stage and also Mariah appeared again. Totally happy we got out of the hall to the subway station. At the railway station we said goodbye to our friend from Freiburg and got to bed in the hotel. On that night I slept maybe 4 or 5 hours, because of the thing that just happend and the things that supposed to be happen the next day. We enjoyd the big breakfast in the hotel and at 9:30 h we went on the way to Bottrop...

Stephan Krebs

March 8th, 1999