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Mariah Carey in Germany

October 11, 1999

Mariah in Leute Heute (ZDF)

Mariah also gave an interview to German TV show "Leute Heute" (People Today).
DeutschMariah gab auch ein Interview der Sendung "Leute Heute" (ZDF).

The following screen captures were made on October 13, 1999.

Don`t get fooled by the cheap quality of the thumbsnails. The bigger versions are in a much better quality!

Mariah's Airplane Mariah in studio in Hamburg Mariah & Director Bill Boatsman Mariah singing with Joe in new video
Mariah singing with Joe Mariah talking to Joe Mariah having fun in the studio

From the Sat1 TV show Blitz.

Sat1 Interview

Sat 1 - In Studio

In Studio doing the remix of Thank God I Found You with Joe.

Sat 1 In Studio

Mariah worked the whole night. Only three hours sleep.

Sat1 - Inspecting The Bar

Mariah checking out the bar for the video shoot.

Sat 1 - Singing with Joe

Singing with Joe in the new video made in a bar in Hamburg, Germany.

Sat 1 - Acting

Mariah is doing quotation marks to Joe.

Sat 1 - Directing

Mariah is directing the video with help from Bill Boatsman.

This is from shows on October 11th, 1999

in Sat1 Blitz

Mariah in a German studio together with Joe!
In the background they played "Don't Wanna Be A Player" sung by Mariah!

DeutschMariah in einem deutschen Studio mit Joe!
Im Hintergrund lief "Don`t Wanna Be A Player" gesungen von Mariah!

Joe in Sat1 Blitz - 11.10.1999

in Sat1 Blitz - 11.10.1999

Mariah sang acapella the chorus to "Don`t Wanna Be A Player" (5 seconds) for the TV-Team.

DeutschMariah sang den den Refrain von "Don`t Wanna Be A Player" (5 Sekunden) für das TV-Team.

in Sat1 Blitz - 11.10.1999

in Sat1 Blitz - 11.10.1999

At 3 AM in the morning Mariah visited a scene bar in which She would make a music video!

DeutschUm 3:00 Uhr in der früh besichtigte Mariah eine Szene Bar in der sie ihr nächstes Video drehen will!

in Sat1 Blitz - 11.10.1999

in RTL Exclusiv - 11.10.1999

On RTL they had a preview with a stupid comment on a report that was never shown.

DeutschAuf RTL kam nur eine Vorschau mit einem dummen Kommentar auf einen Report der dann doch nicht gezeigt wurde.

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Updated October 14, 1999