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Chartdata by Album / Single: Never Too Far / Hero (Medley) Never Too Far / Don`t Stop (Funkin` 4 Jamaica) Glitter Loverboy Greatest Hits Can`t Take That Away (Mariah's Theme) Crybaby Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)Against All Odds feat. Westlife Thank God I Found You Rainbow Heartbreaker#1's (Album + Singles) When You Believe I Still Believe Sweetheart Butterfly (Album + Singles)
Chartdata by Country / Chart: USA (Billboard) United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland) Canada Australia Tokio Hot 100 (Japan) Germany Sweden France Switzerland Netherlands Italy
Updated: 20.09.2002
Never Too Far / Hero (Medley) Never Too Far / Hero (Medley) Never Too Far / Hero (Medley)
ChartFlagPeakFirst Peak DatePeak WeeksFirst Week On ChartLast Week On ChartTotal Weeks In Chart
Billboard Hot 100 Singles 81 29.12.2001 1 29.12.2001 12.01.2002 3
MARIAH FAN CHART 1 24.11.2001 1 24.11.2001 13.07.2002 20
Tokio Hot 100 5 29.12.2001 1 15.12.2001 26.01.2002 7
USA Top 200 Singles Sales (Soundscan) 3 29.12.2001 1 29.12.2001 21.09.2002 +134(166) 39
Country   Release Dates
Germany no release
USA December 11, 2001

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