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The Roof Breakdown
Mariah Carey

Updated: 11.02.2012 19:48:31
ChartFlagPeakFirst Peak DatePeak WeeksFirst Week On ChartLast Week On ChartTotal Weeks In Chart
Solid Gold (Chart by Stephan) 1 20.12.1997 13 13.09.1997 05.12.1998 51
Australia Top 100 Singles (100/50) 38 28.02.1998 2 21.02.1998 16.05.1998 13
Gavin Rhythm-Crossover (40) (Urban) 9 07.03.1998 1 07.02.1998 21.03.1998 7
Global100.com - Singles 5 28.02.1998 4 14.02.1998 06.06.1998 17
MARIAH FAN CHART 1 06.01.2001 1 13.02.1999 14.12.2002 127
Radio+Records Airplay - Urban (50/30) 9 14.03.1998 1 24.01.1998 21.03.1998 9

Click here for screen captures from the video. Notes:
Only the Australian got the luck to buy this single.
In the US it`s a double a-side single to My All (only on the first edition, April 21st 1998).
All chart position of that US single are listed as My All on my homepage.

The Roof The Roof
Mariah Carey

ChartPeakFirst Peak DatePeak WeeksFirst Week On ChartLast Week On ChartTotal Weeks In Chart
Internet Singles Top 100 3 28.03.1998 2 07.03.1998 19.09.1998 29
UK Top 40 R'n'B 15 09.05.1998 1 04.04.1998 20.06.1998 11
Solid Gold (My Charts) 1 01.11.1997 6 13.09.1997 19.09.1998 54
Only in central Europe released as a commercial single, not in the UK. The single never appeared in the German Top 100 Singles (what a shame). Also no entry in the European Top 100 Singles.

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