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The warm up group Damage begins at 20:15 h with rap songs from their forthcoming album and played for about half an hour. After a short breack at 21:00 h the lights go out and on the video walls to the life story of the sisters Mariah and Bianca were told. A German voice (sadly with not that much desire) tells the favourites of the completely different couple. At the end scene filmed just before the concert in the Koelnarena are shown. Mariah signed CDs for some fans while an angry and jealous Bianca apparears and knocks Mariah out! Now it's all dark and quiet. The sound of thunder shakens the Koelnarena and lightnings on the videowalls. On the screens you can see Mariah's shadow making a hot and steamy dance. The shadow disappears in the the ground.

A lonely light lightens up the middle of stage where MARIAH is moving up through the stage in a small silver dress surrounded by sounds of intro to Petals/Rainbow Interlude. Mariah stands still and is enjoying the loud welcome by the audience before She starts with the 1991 No. 1 hit EMOTIONS. Mariah sounds amazing hitting every high-note. Before MY ALL Mariah greets the audience in German.While Mariah disappears backstage four girls come on stage. It's a Miss-contest and the contestants are announced. The ladies "Miss Direct", "Miss Led", "Miss Take" and "Miss Conception" makes a solo dance. The last one is Mariah as "Miss Understood" in a long red dress that lightens up to amost yellow towards the feet. Mariah gives a stunning performance of the 1993 hit DREAMLOVER. Of course Mariah wins the contest and gets a lot flowers. The other contestants begin to fight over two guys and the loud bassline leads to the Rainbow track X-GIRLFRIEND. One of the big high points of the show. You can hear anger of the song and Mariah is really into it. The two man get caged and pulled up to the ceiling (the right cage didn`t work). A "Miss Ter" gets on stage and Mariah pulls down his wig. Mariah gets off stage to change dress.

The silhouette of Mariah is shown on the video walls while VULNERABILITY (Interlude) is played. Then Mariah comes with long, strapeless, blue dress and makes a breathtaking rendition of Phil Collins classic AGAINST ALL ODDS (TAKE A LOOK AT ME NOW). Mariah She wants to taste some typical German things and picked a girl and a boy ut of the audience to try Strudel and Bier. To drink beer out of a can is below Her limit explains Mariah. But when She pour the beer into a glas it's only foam and Mariah decides to drink the beer out of the can. The audience cheered. Mariah says she will now do the biggest hit in Europe WITHOUT YOU. To my pleasure one of my alltime favourites MAKE IT HAPPEN followed. On live tapes (like MTV Unplugged) this was always my favourite and this it's no exception Mariah brings the best of the song. Now Mariah anounces her new single which She will do together with Trey Lorenz. Trey remarks it's Mariah's 15th No. 1 in the USA. Both are going together very well and did an amazing rendition of THANK GOD I FOUND YOU which suddenly goes into the remix version. Now you're gonna hear a song from Trey's new album MAKE YOU HAPPY says Mariah and disappears while Trey sings alone.

On the screens Ol` Dirty Bastard raps to the intro of Bad Boy Remix of FANTASY. Mariah wears tight jeans with a T-Shirt and does a hot dance scene. Some of the people beside me are astound because I not only know every lyrics of the song and the whole raps. To ALWAYS BE MY BABY Mariah features the background singers and the band. Mariah tries to force the audience to sing along but somehow it doesn`t work (why not?). For the next song a bedroom is installed on the right side of the stage and a kitchen to the right. Mariah comes with small shorts and T-Shirt and sits on the bed. While singing CRYBABY Mariah walks around in Her new home. After looking in the refrigerator She picks up a very big teddybear (about 1,50m) which She first cuddles and then kicks across the stage to finally throw it very angry from the stage. Rapper Snoop Dogg appears on the video screens. To sing the Butterfly song CLOSE MY EYES Mariah wraps herself in a bathing coat and sits down in the middle of the stage. The dancers are moving around while Mariah disappears in the dark.

On the right side of the stage a armchair is put. Mariah sits down and begins the most personal song. The audience soon discovers how personal this song while real tears running down Mariah's face. My deepest respect for Mariah to sing such a personal song in front of an audience. To rise up again Mariah sings CAN`T TAKE THAT AWAY (MARIAH'S THEME). Although Mariah gets some problems at the end of the song I got goose bumbs all over when Mariah let all her emotions flow in this song. Now the dancers dances along to JD & Jay-Z's hit Money Ain`t A Thang and a video is shown in with various stars (z.B. Ozzy Osbourne, Pamela Anderson, Jerry Springer, Don King and more) make their statements about Mariah and Bianca. Additionally the fight scenes of the Heartbreaker videos were shown. In the just set box-ring a man á la Michael Buffer anounces Mariah. On the left side of the standing places a way was made and Mariah makes a spectacular march towards the stage with the HEARTBREAKER REMIX. Mariah in the middle of the audience! The crowd goes crazy. On stage now Bianca is announced. The fight isn`t very long. After Biancas try to bite off Mariahs ear. Mariah knocked out Bianca with a single punch. To celebrate the victory the HEARTBREAKER (ALBUM VERSION) gets performed.

It gets dark on stage and on the video walls the intro of the HONEY video is shown. Mariah appears like at the beginning of the show in the middle of the stage with an elevator in cute shorts like in the Honey video and a bra. Mariah dances with see-man like in the video and Mase's rap is on the video walls. While the dancers are still moving Mariah waves to us and throws some kisses and disapears behind the stage. Now it's dark. We're are cheering for encore and making noise as loud as we can.

With VISION OF LOVE Mariah comes full circle and is wearing jeans with waistebands cut off and an silver top. Mariah thanks the audience in German and dedicates the next song to the fans (THANK YOU MARIAH!). After the first notes of HERO Mariah breaks up and says She wants to start in an other way and starts with the RAINBOW INTERLUDE. While singing HERO Mariah goes off stage to shake hands with fans in the first row. Up on stage Mariah thanks again to the audience and waves goodbye to the Song BUTTERFLY. Mariah is gone. The lights gets on...

No question - this best show EVER seen. Mariah proved not only to be great performer with an amazing voice, She's also top entertainer who can do a perfect show. The videos and dancers shortened the dress changing breaks very well and the concert had a high value of entertainment. The dresses of Mariah are all very sexy and showed Her flawless body very well. But no dress looked cheap or like "look what I got". All very tastefull. Mariah's voice was excellent. Especially in such hits like AGAINST ALL ODDS you can hear how powerfull Mariah's voice is. Mariah sounded as clear as from CD. It was a bit sad I had place in a not so good section a bit far away from the stage. Sometimes I got the feeling my friend MP and I were the only ones to sing and clap along. Many people around us were stunned about us when we were rapping along with ODB and Mase.

An unforgettable experience I will never forget. MARIAH YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

25. February 2000

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