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Updated: 27.05.2007
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Lazard - Your Heart Keeps Burning (Handz-Up Edition) Lazard Lazard - Your Heart Keeps Burning (House Edition)

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Your Heart Keeps Burning
Solid Gold (Chart by Stephan) 3 14.04.2007 2 17.02.2007 12.05.2007 13
Your Heart Keeps Burning
Deutsche-DJ-Playlist 3 17.02.2007 1 16.12.2006 14.04.2007 17
Living On Video
Solid Gold (Chart by Stephan) 37 03.06.2006 1 27.05.2006 03.06.2006 2
Living On Video
Deutsche-DJ-Playlist 1 15.04.2006 3 18.03.2006 22.07.2006 19
4 O`Clock In The Morning
Austria Top 75 Singles 59 04.05.2002 1 20.04.2002 18.05.2002 5
4 O`Clock In The Morning
Germany Top 100 Singles 35 06.04.2002 1 06.04.2002 18.05.2002 7

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