Her brandnew song HONEY

Sugar Never Was So Sweet

You`re The Only One Who Makes Me Go HONEY

Honey Got Me Hooked

After hearing the song a few times you can`t get the song out of you`re head. You can`t wait to hear it again. If you loved Dreamlover, Fantasy or Always Be My Baby you`re gonna need to hear that song every hour of the day. It`s the perfect song - a great intro - a chorus that you can get out of your head - Puff Daddy in the background (Mariah - You`re On Fire, Mariah Takes Us Higher) - and even a few high-notes like in Someday or There`s Got To Be A Way. Although you can copare it to her other hits the song sounds more up to date. It`s a natural evolution with each album she gets better!

Honey - That`s Far Beyond Compare

I`m sure this song is gonna be a huge hit in the U.S.A. In Europe especially Germany R & B isn`t very popular so the chances to make the top ten in Germany are low (Without You was her only number one and only top ten hit in Germany!). Today (August 5) I heard the song on German radio and the DJ said I`m sure this is gonna be her next big hit!

Agent M is coming...

In the video you see Mariah Carey like you never seen her before! The video has a James Bond like story with a funny intro. In the middle of she dance with a group of male dancers. She looks better and more self confident like never before.

You can download the new video from the official Mariah Carey homepage at Sony.

I Can Hardly Wait

Don`t forget you have to wait until August 26th to get the single!

The album is out on Tuesday, September 16th!

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